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ATHENS - MagicAll Greece

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world with a continuous recorded history since 3200 BC. It got its name from Athena who was the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and her predominant symbols were the owl and the olive tree. Athens has been the capital of the modern state of Greece since 1834. According to the 2011 census its population is close to 4 million.

The vast history of Athens is evident from its numerous archaeological monuments and its picturesque neighborhoods that visitors can enjoy, belonging to different time eras. Due to this, one can easily observe that the architecture of Athens is not homogenous since it combines ancient, Byzantine, and more recent elements.


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Some of the most popular sights to visit in Athens are the Parthenon temple at the Acropolis rock, the Ancient Market and the Herod’s theater located at the base of the rock, the highly awarded modern Acropolis Museum, the temple of Olympian Zeus, the Greek Parliament at Syntagma square, the University and National Library, as well as the Lycabettus hill with its spectacular panoramic view of downtown Athens.

The downtown district of Athens offers many interesting tours that you have to try, such as a walk in the neighborhood of Plaka under Acropolis, browsing the tiny stores of Ifestou street at Monastiraki, and enjoying a meal or slow coffee at the historical Thiseio combined with a view of Acropolis.

Finally, you should not miss the opportunity to take a long walk from Monastiraki to Syntagma Square and the University, along the bustling Ermou street which is famous for its boutique stores and Voukourestiou street with its luxurious jewelry stores.

Last but not least, Athens is a famous taste capital with restaurants, taverns, and bars, that have received international awards. While one can find heavenly flavors from all over the world, the prime protagonist is undoubtedly the Mediterranean cuisine with many variations ranging from traditional small taverns to upscale gourmet restaurants.

At nighttime, the city offers virtually unlimited options for drinks and leisure. Be it a relaxing drink at one of the many rooftop bars with downtown view or a delicious cocktail at one of the city’s ‘hot’ neighborhoods, one thing is certain: you will never run out of things to do!