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ABOUT US - MagicAll Greece

We are a team of Greek professionals in hospitality and tourism with more than 10 years of professional experience globally. If there is one thing that our longtime expertise has taught us is that there are numerous factors that affect our psychology while traveling.

Through this website, our goal is to limit all such factors that may impact a traveler’s disposition negatively and boost those that can act positively, contributing towards an unforgettable experience.

Each traveler is unique for us with their own preferences and wishes. Through our personal contact with you, we aim to design an amazing personalized experience, an unforgettable trip to a unique country with a long history and breathtaking beauty.

Our motto is “home away from home” which makes our mission to offer you an unforgettable personalized trip very important to us. We are here to help you in every step of the planning process. Contact us and let us begin designing your dream trip!

Our website allows individual travelers to choose how they want to organize their vacations, according to their own taste and preferences. This includes building a specialized program of visits to sights and locations, following your own time plan and schedule, as well as your choice of accommodation, services, and facilities that best suit you.

Being Greeks ourselves, we are in an excellent position to assist you in designing your trip to Greece, offering multiple exciting choices to match your liking and travel style. In order to ensure you will have the best possible experience, we collaborate with a variety of world-class high-quality service providers in Greece.